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6 steps to perfection

In the best tradition of handmade jewelry, we integrate modern technology to produce fine jewelry with precise patterns and stone settings

Step 1


The inspiration... We all need inspiration in the creation of something that will stand the test of time

Step 2


After receiving all client requests and desires, we create a quick hand sketch in order to confirm a design direction.

Step 3

3D Model

We use special software to create a 3D model, so our clients can see renders with different metals or stones.

Step 4

Wax model

After approving the 3D file with a client, we're sending it to 3D printer to make a wax model for future metal casing. 

Step 5

Metal cast

This one of the most spectacular stages of jewelry production. It's fascinating to see how hot liquid metal goes creates sparks and steam when poured into the mold, making a beautiful cast.

Step 6

Fine jewelry

After setting stones and polishing, the "star" is born. This is the end for us and a new chapter for you or your loved ones. 


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